Buck Creek: True Stories to Tickle Your Mind


Some books like Buck Creek have a buzz about their release. After all, it’s not everyday someone rides a wild deer down the freeway against traffic. Some new books have fun news releases about them. In the case of Buck Creek, Why not? After all, it is a bit unusual for a scholar to publish books about school pranks and ancient manuscripts simultaneously, or to host a lecture series at the Vatican while people halfway across the world are reading his story about killing his uncle’s giant hog. And some books take over a decade to write. Buck Creek’s stories were released over twelve years through Jerry’s newspaper column: articles about life in the sleepy town of Buck Creek, Indiana – true stories that tickled their minds. Actually, he likely had a sleepless childhood, raised deep in the adjacent woods in an energetic family of ten with little money. The seeds of that Buck Creek adventurousness sprouted into his full-bloomed creativity that assists his international career. A few of the stories have already appeared in major publishing venues, or have been read before large audiences. This is the first of the four Buck Creek books, and the newsprint series continues; you’ll often find him laughing aloud in some plane as he recalls another story while writing his weekly column. Buck Creek also comes with a summary section after each story—whether for personal reflection or to discuss with others. Either way, if you’re like his newspaper readers you’ll probably find yourself retelling a few of these bizarre gems: all true, and with a reflective twist.

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